Virgo Rashi – Yearly Prediction 2016 (Moon Sign)

The native born with moon in Virgo (Kanya ) sign in natal chart are falls under Virgo Rashi. This prediction is applicable for only those natives. Here I am not talking about Sun sign which is based on only on Date of Birth. Virgo is very peaceful but intellectual sign. Usually these natives are very intelligent but lack ambition. One Advice: you are perfect but this world has many imperfections. This year transit Jupiter is in 12th house of foreign affairs and spirituality till August 2016. Jupiter being lord of 4th and 7th house may bring opportunity to travel abroad. This travelling is very much possible because of your job’s need. The aspect on 4th house can make you spend on buying new property. The home environment is supposed to be very spiritual. Suddenly, you may got inclination towards meditation and try to practice it. The relatives from foreign may visit your home which would bring cheers on your face. Be careful regarding your loan business. Jupiter would propel you to raise lot of money on Credit. Although credit business is very common today, but restrict yourself in going into too much debt. 7th lord in 12th may bring happiness to those who are in export-import business. Professionals working in outsourcing jobs are definitely going to be benefitted by this transit placement. The prominence of ‘Vyaya’ Bhava can cause sudden expenses on your spouse. You may be very liberal in money matters as you Jupiter is instructing you to spend on donations and charities. Foreign Movement would bring wealth for sure. The major change of transit is happening in August 2016, as Jupiter would progress to your Lagna. For unmarried girls, a very favourable year after August 2016. One would definitely get married by June 2017. Appease Jupiter for best results. Even the new married couple can expect child by 2017 provided other combinations are not spoiling the chart. The 2nd half of 2016 and till mid of 2017 is excellent for educational achievements. Those who are looking for enrolling into PHD, can put their best. Till mid of 2017 would bring favourable results. The great Task master Saturn is in 3rd house this year. Certainly making you to put lot of effort. Your hard work would yield positive results this year. Saturn is clearly against short cuts. After August and next year Saturn blessing would bring happiness in family. The possibility of having Child can not be denied. However, Saturn may bring some misunderstanding with younger sibling. Try not to overreact with the situation. Shani always support the good cause. It is helping Jupiter and Rahu for foreign travel. Ketu position in 6th can cause some uneasiness with digestion and Kidney. Try to avoid outside food for your Good Health. Devote yourself in Supreme Lord Krishna. He will certainly Guide you in positive direction. Life is also about understanding your inner self. Once you realise yourself, you can help others for sure.