Scorpio (Vrischika) Rashi – Yearly Prediction 2016 (Moon Sign)

The native born with moon in Vrischika (Scorpio) sign in natal chart falls under Scorpio Rashi. This prediction is applicable for only those natives. Scorpio natives are very strong headed. Once they decide something, can achieve at any cost. It is positive part of Mars Energy where patience overtakes aggression of ‘Aries’. This year is going to be outstanding in terms of wealth and career as Jupiter is placed in your 10th house. This being the lord of 2nd and 5th house is forming a very powerful Rajayoga. Expansion of opportunities at workplace is very much possible till August 2016. ‘Dhana Bhava’ is well protected from 10th house. Hence you won’t find any dearth of money. The environment at HOME will improve. There are strong chances of investing in new property. The real estate business would find ease in the housing Business. Those who are in job or service will find the real growth. The relationship will superiors would certainly improve. He may recommend for awards or promotion. Your hard will speak loud as your competitors would lose all their teeth. 2016 is also excellent for educationists as Jupiter itself in sitting in the house of “karma’. The great Saturn is causing ‘Sade Sati’ situation in 2016 and would also continue in 2017. But not everybody needs to be in stress. Natives under Malefic Dasa only are going to feel the little pinch of cruel Saturn. Remember Saturn has no personal grudge, it only wants to make you disciplined and hard working. The health is one area that must be taken up seriously. Saturn also being 3rd lord can bring major transformation with younger siblings. On positive note, this Saturn is certainly assisting Jupiter in career prospects, Marriage and accumulation of new property. After August 2016, Jupiter is progressing to 11th house of Gains and fulfilment of wishes. Hence the positive results may be experienced by students, expecting mothers and yet to be married girls. One will ultimately find the soul mate to get into marriage. This Jupiter after August is certainly going to bless you with lot of wealth. One would be able to pay-off debts. The defaulters would come forward and pay back your money. Rahu and ketu in 4-10 axis is again excellent for career. Restrain yourself from earning illegal wealth as Rahu can propel you to do that. A Very Good year with lot of Happiness. However Saturn in Lagna is cautioning you against any shortcuts. Have faith in you and Lord Krishna, Ultimately even planets are not beyond the supreme.