Sagittarius (Dhanu) Rashi – Yearly Prediction 2016 (Moon Sign)

The native born with moon in Sagittarius ( Dhanu) sign in natal chart are falls under Sagittarius Rashi. This prediction is applicable for only those natives. Sagittarius individuals are direct and honest in the approach. They have usually complete faith in Supreme power and expects the same from their peers. This year Jupiter is in 9th house of Dharma and religion. It is also the house of Higher education and long distance journeys. This Jupiter is certainly going to lift your boost your luck and fortune. If other conditions support in the chart, the native’s desires would be fulfilled without much effort. Jupiter being Lagnesh is placed in 9th house is forming powerful rajayoga. The health situation would improve and recovery would be quick. Your self- esteem and confidence is at the peak. But have caution against taking rash decisions as over confidence can bring failure at later stage. The aspect on 3rd house is going to bring gain through short and long journeys. Till August, this planet is outstanding for individuals in Teaching and preaching. Pilgrimage is also on cards as you may be forced to visit religious places along with family and friends. The aspect on 5th house is good for marriage and gain of children. As Jupiter is progressing to 10th house after august, the Karma Bhava is getting strengthened. The career may get a boost by end of 2016. Native may get higher responsibilities or there would be expansion of power. Politicians may get benefit under auspices of this powerful placement of Jupiter. Major decisions regarding property can be taken. You would focus on improving the spiritual environment of the house which would bring mental peace and tranquillity. Restrain yourself in getting too much debt. Your optimism may cause decision making issues. Natives may be nominated to the crucial posts. Saturn is placed in your 12th house of expenditures and spirituality. Saturn plays a very crucial role in determining the extent of benefic results. Its aspect on 6th house indicates trouble through enemies. You need to take extra care of your health. Controlling the food habit is one way to remain healthy. Find time for meditation and embrace Lord Shiva for best results. Your money bag would be filled by Jupiter but Saturn would take away in form of investments. An excellent year for PHD aspirants. Your hard work is going to yield fruit in 2016. The placement of Rahu along with Jupiter is a tricky position. One may intend to earn money through unscrupulous means. But, who cares, in this materialistic world. Jupiter is unable to control Rahu. This rahu is excellent for those staying away from their Homeland. An excellent year, but with strings of demonic Rahu. Rahu would bless you with lot of material gains but you need to decide where to put the brakes. Sit in meditation for 15 mins, Lord Krishna would show you the right path.