Ruby (Manikya) Gemstone

Ruby or Manikya is a valuable gemstone to be prescribed for planet SUN. Sun is the most powerful planet in Hindu Astrology which carries lot of brilliance and heat. It represents our ‘soul’. Sun is also significator for self-confidence, assertiveness, ego and royality. In Ayurveda, it is associated with Pitta Dosha which may produces diseases related to indigestion, burns, ulcer, low bone density, heart etc. Astrologically it also represents eyes, hence problems related to eyes can be overcome by strengthening SUN. Whenever Sun is weak in any Horoscope, native would have low self-confidence. He would struggle in putting forward his View points in a group. Ruby can help in boosting self-confidence and strengthening the decision making power. Ruby can bring out the hidden leadership instinct. The Best Rubies are Red to Purplish Red in colour. Red colour waves are hot and therefore useful in curing diseases caused by cold waves such as Cold, Cough, Low blood pressure and helps in proper functioning of Heart. It works as antidote against depression, morbidity and helps in leading the life in positive way. Burmese Rubies are finest in their colour and considered best. They are ‘red’ to slightly ‘purplish red’ in medium dark tone which is also known as Piggeon’s Blood. The Harness of Ruby is 9 on Mohr’s scale. The other good rubies are ‘Ceylon Rubies’ which are of light red colour. The Substitutes are Red Garnet and Red Spinel. Ruby should be worn on ‘Sunday’ in auspicious Hora, preferably in the Hora of SUN