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Swayamvara Parvathi Yantra

Swayamvara Parvathi Yantra

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Category: Yantras

This is the most powerful, trusted, widely used marriage mantra for early marriages, happiness, and fertility. She is the goddess of love and devotion. Many times Parvati experiences trials in the married life due to lord shiva, and as result, they got separated. God Shiva gave the swayamvara Parvati mantra to his wife goddess Parvati to be guided. Usually, depending upon the type of problem and the birth chart swayamvara Parvati Homam is been performed. Goddess Parvati is a goddess of shakti, the female power. The whole cosmos is build will female and male energy like we call shiva and shakti, Buddhist call yang and yin. Shiva is incomplete without shakti. Goddess Parvati is the divine mother of the whole universe. Goddess Parvati is the embodiment of fertility, virtue, marital felicity, power and asceticism. This yantra could also help you to support marriage plans for the family members, solving the delay in marriage, misunderstanding among couples, to be able to choose the spouse well, to attain the spouse of choice and as per the heart wish, all the other negative elements vanishes and attract the soul mate toward you.

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Product Description

Any problem related to marriage life could untie the tangled knots of problems! Attract the soul mate towards you and stay in the lustrous sea of love forever. Some difficult appearing task might get easier and could be accomplished when anyone possesses the swayamvara Parvati yantra.

Why to use swayamvara parvati yantra?

The magnetic wave revolves around this magical yantra that would attract your life partner towards you, no matter where he/she resides in the world. If you are into wedlock, be assured of a happy married life with the help of the yantra. This yantra could also be helpful to support the marriage plan for a family member.

Parvati Swayamvara yantra mantra: “om hreem yoginim yogini yogeshwari yoga bhayankari sakala sthavara, jangamasya mukha hridayam mama vasam akarsha skarshaya namah”

Specialty of swayamvara parvati yantra

Swayamvara yantra contains geometric patterns which attract the blessing of goddess Parvati towards you. She is the most amazingly powerful goddess who blesses the singles with the life partners; she also soothes the mental peace of couples and paves way for gracious live together and everlasting happiness.

Your fervent prayers to the yantra would remove every obstacle which stands as roadblocks to the marriage. It would communicate your desire to the goddess, and she in turn would transform it into reality for you. 

How to use yantra?

  • Put the yantra facing east or north, placing the centre of the yantra at the level of the eyes.
  • Wash the yantra with the rose, milk and water. Wipe out the yantra with a clean cloth.
  • There would be a change in colour in excess of a period of time but the energy of the yantra remains constant.
  • Apply Chandan and kumkum on the edges of the yantra and one dot in the middle. 
  • Put the prasadam in front of the yantra.