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Rudrabhishek Puja

Rudrabhishek Puja

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Category: Puja

Rudrabhishek is one of the ancient chanting which originated from the Akasha (space). When ancient rishis and sages sat for meditation, they heard, and what they heard, they started transferring to other people. This puja is devoted to lord shiva and that to his linga avatar. This will eliminate all the negativity and embrace the surrounding with positive vibes. And a lot is said about the rudrabhishek.

Shiva, the epitome of eminence, preeminence, Destruction, and demolition, is devoted by myriad people for endless facts and uncountable forms. There are thousands of ways to please lord shiva. One of the methods is rudrabhishek or holy bathing, cleaning, and embellishment of his idol. Lord Shiva’s Rudra avatar loves Rudrabhishek puja in Hindu Vedic. This practice involves offering milk, honey, ghee, curd, and mustard oil to the shivling. Furthermore, devotees sing holy mantras and perform the rite of beautification of all the goddess and god.

The ancient tales from treat yuga say, lord ram in exile and away from sita goddess, to his love and most extraordinary devotion against lord shiva’s blessing before Ramayana’s battle, builds shiva’s lingam by his own hands.

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Product Description

Benefits of performing rudrabhishek puja

  1. It will give the blessing and divine grace of lord shiva.
  2. Doing maha rudrabhishekam also alleviates all difficulties and problems created by the malefic effects of various planets.
  3. Performing Maha Rudra would also help in achieving great wealth, health, and longevity. It will provide intelligence, progeny, and prosperity.
  4. It would help to the removal of mortal fear and enable victory over enemies.
  5. It helps to achieve spiritual up-liftmen and fulfillment of all the desires.
  6. It keeps you away from all the life-threatening ailments, diseases and negative energies.

Why choose us

We provide poor prayers of rudrabhishek puja in Varanasi or at your home or a temple, or rudrabhishek puja online could be performed by the Vedic priest. It could be 3, 5, 7 according to your choices and preferences. Neetu didi may help you conduct rudrabhishek in Kashi with a unique method as it gives inner peace and moksha.

Six different types of rudrabhishek puja and their perspective benefits

We all praise something unique. Similarly, seeking the blessing of shiva becomes simple with the particular kind of Rudra Abhishek puja. The role of the eye over these six types of puja to please lord shiva and seek his benediction,

  1. Dudh Abhishek: milk symbolizes the essence of purity and illumination. Also, it is an amalgamation of 85% water and energy sources. Further, milk is lovely food to lord shiva. Thus, pouring milk on the shivling grants longevity to the native.
  2. Shahad Abhishek: honey offers the guerdon of a happy and free life.
  3. Jal Abhishek: pouring water of shiva proffers neatness to the idol.
  4. Panchamrit Abhishek: the panchamrit is an amalgamation of curd, milk, honey, ghee, and sugar. In the Hindu religion, all of these are considered prosperous and wealthy.
  5. Dahi Abhishek: it will give the blessing of parenthood to any childless couple.
  6. Ghee Abhishek: in sacred writing, ghee is used as a medicine.

Note: rudrabhishek puja cost will be quoted per mantra or Jaap. For that, you may contact the team. For VIP view of lord kashi, you may also contact us.