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Nazar Kawach Yantra

Nazar Kawach Yantra

Price: ₹11000

Category: Yantras

It would be providing highly effective Nazar kavach yantra. This would be the best and easiest way to protect owns shelf and his/her family from the evil eye. Further, this is very effective to protect the home, office, or other assets. Neetu didi ensures which will get name, fame and all other comforts. You would be getting good and high-quality Nazar yantra, It would be highly energized according to the horoscope and the problems which you face in life.

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Product Description

Why use Nazar kavach yantra?

Nazar kavach yantra helps to protect the evil eyes, protect homes, offices, and diseases.

The speciality of Nazar kavach yantra

It would be providing highly effective Nazar kavach yantra, this is the best and easiest way to protect owns shelf and his/her family from the evil eye. Nazar Raksha kavach is highly beneficial for removing Nazar dosha and tantric dosh. It is a powerful talisman for the protection and cure of evil looks and black magic. It is believed which are of three types of evil eyes:

  1. The first types of evil eyes intend to harm.
  2. The second evil eyes are unconscious evil eyes, there are to harm people but without intending to harm them.
  3. The third evil eye is an unseen and hidden evil eye that is the most scared one.

Nazar Suraksha yantra is considered the most powerful tool that can help in protecting against the bad and negative effects in anyone’s life. It is believed to ward off the evil eye influences and negative influences in one’s life.

Nazar Suraksha kavach is blessed with so many overpowering powers and energy which could guard and protect the family against the strongest negative powers and evil looks.

It is more beneficial if you are facing problems in the running business for example; had lots of competition, no business is stable or suitable for you, changes in business worse, frequent changes in the business.

Nazar Raksha kawach consist of the following items:

  1. Evil eye bracelet: evil eye bracelet would keep anyone away from negative energies. An evil eye bracelet creates an aura of positive energy. People who are evil eye bracelet would get name, fame, and all material comforts.
  2. Evil eye locket: this will protect everyone from evil eyes.
  3. Evil eye amulet: evil eye amulet could be used for hanging on the entrance for the flow of positive energy and protection from evil eyes. It was a sign of protection and purity, which protect the office, home, and car from evil sight and energize the place.

Apart from being potentiated with the cosmic energy, by Neetu didi himself energies the Nazar Suraksha kavach with Vedic mantras, beautifully combining with some other potent verses, before being forwarded to you.

Some of the common uses of Nazar Suraksha kavach for home:

  1. It spreads positive energies around us from evil eyes.
  2. It protects the family from bad forces.
  3. No evil eyes could have any kind of bad impact on you.
  4. It protects the family from bad forces.