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Matsya Yantra

Matsya Yantra

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Matsya yantra must be brought and worshipped to eliminate the Vastu faults of any dwelling like any house, factory, office, godown, showroom, etc. according to Neetu didi any Vastu fault is been created whenever there is an imbalance between the 5 basic elements like earth, water, air, fire, and space. This is a serious matter that could lead to a huge number of problems that adversely affect the health, happiness and wealth of people residing pr working in many places. A macha yantra represents lord Vishnu who take place of the “Matsya Avatar” in which he built the equilibrium and harmony of the cosmos. This yantra is extremely effective in removing the Vastu faults of any place. 

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Product Description

Matsya has a Sanskrit meaning “a fish”; Matsya yantra is a Vastu yantra that is used to clear Vastu faults like a fish cleans a pond. Matsya Yantra represents Lord Vishnu. Vishnu symbolizes the all-pervading protecting aspect of the supreme god, Brahma. Moreover, according to Indian Hindu mythology, Vishnu took the avatar of the marine form to save the world from deadly danger. Vishnu is reincarnated on the earth from time to time, just to destroy the evils from the world.

You may enjoy a flourishing and rewarding career, but any time you might lag in the personal life. Or it may be vice-a-versa. The reason for this is either could be the Vaastu faults at your home or at the workplace which disturbs the prosperity and happiness. A Macha yantra use is vital and has the power to rectifies every sort of Vastu faults at the workplace paving way for positive energies around you.

Vastu is the ancient Vedic science of the arrangement of thing sin earth. Vastu defects are negative energies in the spatial arrangements which can be corrected with the Matsya yantra. Loving Vishnu and worshipping them simultaneously attract prosperity, good health and harmony in the home; it also showers good luck in all ventures.

Vastu Matsya yantra is very powerful which could drive away even the worst curses that someone has cast on you! It is commonly known as ‘badha Mukti yantra’. Neetu didi’s yantra creates good virtues and noble thoughts in anybody’s mind and heart and wards off the evil effects of the bad spirits.

  • Anyone who is influenced by negative forces.
  • People who suffer from Vastu faults at home and workplace.
  • Anyone struggling to achieve success in their efforts.
  • People who need a better flow of energy in the home and office spaces.
  • People who yearn for a hitch-free life.

Note: yantras are already energized by neetu didi with the name and Gotra by the special mantras to the proper and effective result. We are here to help you to know the yantra is going to be beneficial for specific purposes. Matsya yantra benefits if it is placed in the northeast direction, on Thursday. The size and design of yantra may vary from the image as this is just the pictorial representation.