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Durga Yantra

Durga Yantra

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Category: Yantras

Be the personification of victory and courage- seek the blessing of goddess Durga! As she symbolizes the empowerment of divine energy that nourishes the body, soul and mind. She is a protector for every women as well as a protective refuge for men. Her power rays will stimulate the courage level to achieve victory against enemies. Maa Durga Yantra runs the magical lines of Goddess Durga that gift you victory in every endeavour. Durga bias yantra bestows wealth and property as well as protects the person from every danger. (powerful potent collection of mantras which is dedicated to goddess Durga) this yantra also removes poverty. Durga yantra is extremely famous in several forms and is extremely effective, provided it’s prepared correctly and puja must be performed with a spread of flowers.

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Product Description

Durga yantra is known for:

Yantras are the good cosmic conductor of energy, a strong tool for harmony, an antenna of nature, healthiness , success, meditation and yoga. Yantras are usually made out of copper and contains a series of geometric patterns. The minds and eyes concentrate at the centre of the yantra to achieve a high level of consciousness.

Why to have a Durga yantra at home?

The energy released through the yantra could quash the efforts of the enemies and also brings their skills to the limelight.

Encircle yourself with some positive radiation of Durga and win over the rival; her unflinching energy assaults every assault all the impediments on the way to success. Your struggles’ and sufferings could come to an end by prayer to Maa Durga. She destroys all the negativity which is blocking the path of happiness.

The radiation of the Durga beesa yantra could rebuild morale and equip you with all the qualities which could drive you towards the pinnacle of success. Fulfil every desire you have with the unfaltering energies of Maa Durga kavach yantra.

Mantra of nav durga yantra

“ katyayanaya vidh mahe kanya kumara dhi mahi tanno durgi prachodayat”

How to implement this maa Durga yantra mantra

  • Place the Yantra facing the north or the east on a clean and sacred place.
  • Never allow anyone to touch the yantra.
  • Occasionally wash the yantra with some rose water or milk. Rinse away all the water and wipe out it completely. The yantra’s colour might get changed over some time; however, this does not affect the power of the yantra.
  • Chant the mantra above in front of the yantra, preferable you just come out of the shower.
  • Place rounded dots of sandalwood paste on every corner and one in the centre of the yantra.
  • Light a ghee diya or a candle and an incense stick in front of the yantra. Place some fruits or dry fruits or Prasad.

The Durga yantra benefits to the people who are:

  1. People who are in trouble by the enemies.
  2. People who wish to desire to acquire material comforts.
  3. People who lack the confidence and courage to face their future.
  4. People who have given up hope.
  5. A person who struggles to establish their talents.
  6. People who seek relief from any kind of depression or despair.