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Category: Yantras

Yantra is composed of two words: “yam” –meaning to control and “tra” – meaning an instrument or device. Astrological yantras are the cosmic devices which could demonstrate sacred geometry, that when energized emit cosmic energies. Yantras online purchases are a sacred medium which reveals abstract universal truths.

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Product Description

It could be found in various shapes and patterns which are drawn in yantra, namely square, circles, triangles and floral patterns. Together all these create some complex geometry figures. Let us understand the significance and role of every figure:

  1. A swastika stands for positivity and good luck, spiritual victory and prosperity.
  2. A dot or Bindu signifies the infinite or the cosmos. It is the starting and the endpoint of the creation.
  3. The lotus flower: it represents chakras, with each petal displaying the vritti of the particular chakra.
  4. The shatkona, which is two triangles,

Downwards triangle represents introversion, passive power, meditativeness.

Upward triage represents masculinity extroversion and action.

  1. Bija mantras which correspond to each chakra.

The life span of yantra

Every yantra is compulsorily associated with some of the other mantras, it could be one or two. Neetu didi will tell you mantra over call or mail if you buy yantra online. That mantra is an integral part of yantra as it infuses life into the geometrical figure. If yantra is any form of a deity then the mantra is the mind consciousness. A yantra could not be energized if you do not know the mantra associated with it.

Yantra provided by Neetu didi has very innovative concepts to buy yantra, she told everything including its sthapna, mantras, daily pujas, etc. many people who are using yantra believes that a yantra just like a jiva on till they keep using it. While there is some truth in every argument, there is no denying the fact and the truth which a yantra might last for the lifetime.

Different types of yantras

  • Shree Yantra: A person who needs high power divine energies buy Shree yantra, it has the power to destroy every type of negative vibrations. It attracts the higher divine vibrations of abundance, positivity, and wealth. Neetu didi Shree yantra has a capacity to fulfil all the desires of the person and also elevates the spiritual consciousness.
  • Lakshmi yantra: this attracts positivity and constant inflow of richness and money. It also eliminates poverty and removes debts.
  • Kuber yantra: it is mostly used by those people who handle business or leading shops, this will bring lucrative opportunities and also bring wealth and luck through business, property and other assets.
  • Shri bhairav yantra: this yantra protects the wealth from thefts, evil, losses and all other negative aspects. This powerful yantra attracts wealth and prosperity.
  • Maha mrityunjaya yantra: the yantra eliminates all the signs of diseases and blesses the worshipper with longevity.
  • Saraswati yantra: this yantra is for education and learning.
  • Hayagriva yantra: The yantra is very useful when anyone wants to achieve higher learning, pursue an education in a renowned educational institute.