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Rudraksha is known as a holy bead, a product from an Elaeocarpus ganitrus tree. It is one of the famous ornaments worn by sages, astrologers and other spiritual entities. Original Rudraksha online is mainly found in Indonesia, India, and Nepal. The bead is used in many religious rituals whether it’s big or small. It is not even worshipped by the Hindus instead, but also by other religions for the rich scientific and astrological properties. For ages, it is believed that Rudraksha is the outcome of a teardrop of lord shiva. It is considered as the bridge between the earth and heaven. Rudraksha are differentiated by the number of faces known as mukhi. This ornament is for the strong-hearted person, as it is difficult to wear by a weak-hearted person. It is mostly known to heal health, body, mind, and soul. You would need to buy rudraksha and consult the Neetu didi before wearing it. As she will examine the birth chart and will inform everything. So, never try to wear It by yourself, it might leave a negative impact. Almost everybody faces health issues because of their lifestyle choices, and because of fast-paced life, they have fallen prey to numerous diseases like insomnia, hypertension, diabetes, heart and psychological problems. When we go for deeper analyses of such problems, we would see a common source which is the imbalance of mind, body and soul. The ancient texts hold a magical remedy for these self-inflicted human problems.

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Product Description

Our body is just a machine that is an in-built bio-electric circuit. Everybody part connects with the constant flow of blood from the heart to the brain and then to the rest of the body. In the normal course of events, the circuit in the body works accurately but a stressful environment plays havoc on its flow. The disturbance also leads to a person of various illnesses. Some of the benefits of wearing rudraksha:

  • Magnetic benefits: rudraksha beads act as a magnet because of its property of dynamic polarity. It will clear every interference and blockage in the body like arteries and veins because of its magnetic effects.
  • Personality shaping benefits: we often come across people who exhibit special personality traits like intelligence, confidence, patience, etc.
  • Dielectric benefits: A rudraksha bead infuses positivity into our body. A scientific study shows that Rudraksha bead has a dielectric property, which means they act as a storage unit of any excessive or bad energy.
  • Anti-inflammation benefits: rudraksha beads have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Rudraksha benefits on zodiac sign: buy rudraksha online wearing a rudraksha as per the zodiac would increase the effectiveness. It would multiply the effects of the benefic planets on life. It provides positivity to the wearer and also reduces anger. Mythological rudraksha has been given a lot of values, as it helps to treat every kind of planet and handle unpredictable behaviour.

Types of rudraksha

  1. One Mukhi rudraksha: this is the ruling deity of lord shiva, it is highly auspicious.
  2. two Mukhi rudraksha: this is the combined form of lord shiva and Parvati.
  3. three Mukhi rudraksha: this symbolizes the historic trinity Brahma, Vishnu, and shiva.
  4. four Mukhi Rudraksha: the ruling deity of this rudraksha is lord Brahma.
  5. five Mukhi rudraksha: this symbolizes the five elements of the sky, air, water, fire, and earth.
  6. six Mukhi rudraksha: lord shiva and lord Kartikeya is the ruling deity of this rudraksha.
  7. seven Mukhi rudraksha: Mahalakshmi and sun is the ruling deity of this rudraksha.
  8. eight Mukhi rudraksha: this rudraksha is known for lord Ganesha.
  9. nine Mukhi rudraksha: this rudraksha symbolizes mother Durga.
  10. ten Mukhi rudraksha: this symbolizes lord Lakshmi Narayan.
  11. eleven Mukhi rudraksha: the ruling deity of this rudraksha is hanuman.
  12. twelve Mukhi rudraksha: the ruler of this rudraksha is god sun.
  13. thirteen Mukhi rudraksha: this symbolizes Lord Indra and the ruling planet is Shukra.