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Baglamukhi Japam & Path

Baglamukhi Japam & Path

Price: ₹5001

Category: Puja

Baglamukhi mantras have lots of variations, and there are many types. Neetu didi provides personalized mantras specially prepared for the clients based on their horoscope and best suits the clients. Wanted to know which is best for you or any of your family members today.

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Origin of baglamukhi puja

The famous baglamukhi is on the name of pitambaravidya, which is often worshiped for freedom from enemies and success in life. In maa baglamukhi worship, turmeric garland has been devoted with yellow flowers and yellow cloths. Maa baglamukhi also known as ‘valgamukhi’ or vagla, which means “bridle” or “rope” Mukhi means ”faced.”

The mythological belief of baglamukhi

According to written scripts or story of pradubhava of Bhagwati baglamukhi maa- sat yuga faces a terrible storm which is destroying the entire nation. Lord Vishnu is worried about the situation and crisis in the lives of the creatures. He visited Haridra Sarovar in Saurashtra country and meditated there to please Bhagwati. Baglamukhi is a Vaishnavi originated by the Lord Vishnu’s sharpness. It also emerged at midnight of mangalukta Chaturdashi.

Neetu didi knew all the mantra of baglamukhi puja vidhi in Hindi and english required to stop on calm the storm in your lives, you need to contact us for customized packages mantra and japa.

Maa baglamukhi puja has the power to destroy all the enemies and evil power around you and your family. Their mantra gives you the ability to put a harness or control on your enemies. Baglamukhi Jaap puja blesses one with the immense power of decisive and confidence of speech.

Maa baglamukhi is the eight maha vidya in the list of ten mahavidya. Baglamukhi puja benefit is to overcome enemies, and the life of the person becomes fruitless.

Maa baglamukhi puja benefits

  • It safeguards all their devotees against visible and non-visible enemies and protects and shields from many evil eyes all around.
  • This baglamukhi puja helps everyone resolve ongoing legal cases about division, property matters, money matters, etc.
  • It is highly effective in cases when people are accused of wrongly. No matter how complicated the issue is, this puja resolves all the problems.
  • This puja also helps remove the effects of black magic and protect against any in the future.
  • Baglamukhi puja gives a life you have only dreamed of. It gives you name, fame, wealth- the possession that you look for your whole life.

There were 51000 mantras for Jaap, which has been chanted by Neetu didi during the puja.

 Different precautions needed to be taken during the puja.

Avoid eating nonvegetarian food while performing the puja, and the consumption of alcohol should be avoided.