Pearl represents the energy of Moon. Moon is the most crucial planet in Hindu astrology. Astronomically, moon is the closet planet to earth, hence it’s positive or negative effects can be easily experienced. That is the reason, many of the predictions particularly Prasna, Marriage compatibility and Muhurta are based on Moon position only. It represents our Mind and its stability, water element in the body, flow of blood, thoughts, feeling and emotions. A weak moon in the chart can cause water retention problems, low blood pressure/ high blood pressure, excessive mood swings, depressions, suicidal tendency, lunacy etc. These problems can be mitigated by using a finest quality of Pearl. Since moon is also a creative planet, this stone can ignite the hidden creativity talent. It should be worn in silver ring for sure. In Hindu Astrology, ‘Balaristha’ yogas are mainly associated with affliction of Moon, hence Pearl can always to prescribed to new borns and kids up to 8 years for sound health. The problem of Mood Swings is very much controlled by cooling characteristics of Pearl. Moon being a Satvic planet, pearl also helps in leading a satvic life. Pearls are formed formed in the bodies of certain saltwater and freshwater mollusks around an irritant or parasite without Human Intervention. They are usually white or light yellow or grey in colour. Hardness is 2.5 to 4.5 and possibly mistaken with cultured pearls and glass pearls. South Sea Pearls are considered among the best in Asian Countries. Moon Stone is the best Substitute for Pearl. Pearl should be worn on Monday in auspicious Hora of Moon.