Libra (Tula) Rashi – Yearly Prediction 2016 (Moon Sign)

The native born with moon in Libra (Tula) sign in natal chart falls under Libra Rashi. This prediction is applicable for only those natives. Libra is a sign of balance and new Ideas. Whoever is born in this sign, tries to bring harmony into the worldly affairs. They are born businessman and tradesman. This year the major transit planet Jupiter is placed in 11th house of gains till August. This is one of the best position for Jupiter. Libra natives have every reason to throw parties as your wishes are going to be fulfilled this year. Your efforts won’t be in vain and you will be rewarded double of your efforts. Enemies can not win over you as you are certainly going to gain through them. Since Jupiter is also 3rd lord, it is very positive for name and fame. Addition in the family is very much possible till August. Those who are striving for child, with Jupiter blessing certainly get into motherhood. Love birds can have enjoyment of legal bonding through marriage. Professional circle may expand but do not indulge in these dynamic relationships. Businessmen can also get relief this year as positive deals would be forged. The progression of Jupiter into Virgo sign would bring totally unique experience. The inclination towards Meditation, Yoga and other health related activities may be observed. You are looking for inner peace. Your expenses may shoot up on various accounts. On the other hand, who are in MNCs may get opportunity to travel abroad. These journeys would be fruitful and monetary gains may be expected. An excellent phase for younger siblings especially if they are in other countries. Do not fall in the trap of unnecessary debts, otherwise you may feel the pinch sooner or later. The placement of Saturn in 2nd house is trying to teach a useful lesson. Do not spend on luxuries unless the situation requires to. Try to save for your future. Although Raja yoga karka for this Sign, the family environment would be slightly tense. Remember ‘Money can not but everything’. Respect your elders to get their blessings. Rahu and Ketu 5th-11th axis are excellent for quick gains. Choose your professional circle carefully for best results. Nothing is beyond the happiness of ‘Family’. Your hard work would certainly bear excellent monetary gains, but relationships are at RISK. Use your ‘balancing skill’ to balance the material and non-material gains. If you are stuck, Devote into the feet of Lord Krishna.