Capricorn (Makar) Rashi – Yearly Prediction 2016 (Moon Sign)

The native born with moon in Capricorn ( Makar) sign in natal chart are falls under Capricorn Rashi. This prediction is applicable for only those natives. Capricorn natives are best suitable for practice life. Their focus is always on reaching the top in this structured world. This year Jupiter is in 8th house of sudden gains and events till August. Jupiter being Karaka of wealth could bring sudden and windfall gains. The government may suddenly release your pending wealth. Health may improve as it is strengthening the life power. The younger siblings may face some hiccups in the first half of 2016, however situation would improve when Jupiter progresses to Virgo sign in August. There is need to check on your expenditures as things may go beyond your control. The aspect on 12th house is excellent for spiritual seekers. Even natives involved in mystic subjects such as Astrology etc would definitely get success. Jupiter aspect on ‘House of wealth’ could bring gains through lotteries and share markets. However mental peace could be ensured only through great devotion in Lord Krishna. August Onwards, Jupiter progresses to the Virgo Sign and in 9th house. This placement is best for learning and enrolment for Higher Studies. Both long and short journeys can be expected in 2nd half of 2016. Software natives will have their Visa approved now. They can be listed in H1B category. Native in their 50s can get opportunity to visit pilgrimages. An excellent period for Freelancers or self-employed natives. The students are going to get maximum blessings. Their performance in studies is going to improve for sure. Newly married could can expect a healthy child after August. Saturn position in 11th house is very good for Capricorn natives. The gains are realistic. It will support Jupiter in further realising the dreams. You would take well thought decisions so that efforts won’t be wasted. Since it is aspecting the house of children and creativity, Saturn would certainly bless you with child. One may gain through network and friend circle. Take advice of elders before executing any deal. Rahu and ketu along 2-8 axis are going to bring surprises in married life. Try to maintain openness and honesty in relationships and love matters. There are chances of some misunderstanding between partners. Overall a mixed Year but excellent for true seekers. Jupiter is ready to teach you hidden secrets of life. Harness this powerful energy through meditation and Dhyana. I bet you are destined to learn the unlearnt.