Astrological Analysis of Child Birth

Procreation is something very natural for Humans. The natural attraction between two opposite sexes ignites the desire to live together and the institution of ‘Marriage’ adds legalisation to any mutual relationship. Now the question arises, why do we aspire for a child? Why does God want us to procreate? I think this question must be logically analysed before going further on astrological aspects. In 21st century, the institution of marriage has become vulnerable to many new developments. The aspiration of having independent identity, success, name and fame, freedom in thoughts, empowerment and progressing laws are the few crucial factors. Both men and women are responsible for the deterioration of family values. One should understand that procreation is very much necessary for continuation of any civilisation. If we believe that our civilisation must continue, then it is the responsibility of couples to ensure that the future generation must be nurtured in the right direction. The Hindu system believes in the past birth and rebirth. One takes birth as a Human to clear the debts of his/her past karma. From the day one, a native breathes the first air, he is indebted to his parents. The parents sacrifice everything to protect the individual against any mishaps and in that process, native accumulates enormous amount of karmic Debt slowly and steadily. The only way to pay back this debt is to nurture your child with same devotion and sacrifice. The suffering and pain endured by you would clear-off the backlog in this Janma itself. If you refrain from having the child, your debts can not be absolved. The western society must contemplate on this point. In India also, the rising cases of divorce is resulting into ‘cosmetic’ childlessness. The neo-liberals supporting the cause of gays and lesbians are needed to understand this particular Hindu philosophy. Let’s come to astrology part. In Hindu astrology 5th house is the house of ‘Procreation’. The child is the result of this beautiful creation. We create something unique in form of DNA that transmits from one generation to another generation. The following points must be analysed first before giving any verdict on timing of child birth. The strength of 5th house, its lord in rashi chart (D-1), navamsa chart (D-9) and Saptamsha Chart (D-7) should be checked. The 5th house and fifth lord from ‘moon’ and ‘Jupiter’ are also to be analysed to determine the promise of child. It is clearly suggested by Maharshi Parasara. Jupiter being the ‘karaka’ of child must be strong to support the blessing of child. If Jupiter is ‘combust’, debilitated or associated with 6th or 8th lord, then the chart gets weakened. The strength of Jupiter is also to be checked in D-9 and D-7. 7th house also plays a very crucial role in assessing the promise of child. 7th house is the house of generative system for both males and females. The influence of impotent planets such as mercury and Saturn can cause impotency and infertility issues. Venus being the karaka for ‘Sperm’ is also to be seen to determine the ‘potency’ of sperm. If venus is combust or compressed between malefic planets, the sperm loses to potency to conceive. Hence, it is very unfair to make female responsible for childlessness. Similarly weak venus in female chart can cause diseased generative system which may obstruct the creation of fertile ‘ovum’. Only after complete assessment of chart as given above, one should venture on to prediction of timing of child birth. If the chart does have strong 5th lord and 5th house, there may be delay in getting the child. Only when the chart promises to have early child, then one can immediately look into prevailing Vimshottari Dasha and corresponding Antardasha. The birth of child can take place in Dashas as given below Dasha and Antar of 5th lord or planets posited in 5th house or planets associated with 5th lord are the most powerful for blessing of child. Using Bhavat- bhavam concept, 9th lord can also give the result of 5th house. Therefore, 9th lord dasha and planets associated with 9th lord can also cause the birth of child. 5th lord in D-7 chart and planets placed in 5th house of D-7 are also responsible for this procreation. As per celebrated astrologer Shri K.N Rao, the double transit of Jupiter and Saturn on 5th house/5L, 9th house/9L fulfils the aspiration of having the child. I have found it working in most of charts. Delayed Childbirth and Remedial Methods The affliction of 5L/5H from lagna, Moon and Jupiter is surest indication of delayed childbirth. The affliction by Saturn, mars, 6L and 8L are the most inimical. The combustion or debilitation of Jupiter is another prime reason for delayed childbirth. The remedial methods vary from one chart to another chart. The general rules are as follows Strengthening of Jupiter is the first thing to be done. One can strengthen Jupiter either by observing fast on Thursdays or chanting Beej Mantras for Jupiter. 5th Lord can be strengthened in case 5th house/5L is weak in the chart. Yellow Sapphire can be worn to absorb positive Jupiterian Energy. In case Saturn, Rahu are obstructing the childbirth, they can be propitiated through mantras and fasts. In Hindu Mythology, Lord Bal Krishna is direct representation of the most Beautiful Child. Chanting Santan-Gopal Mantra is very powerful to get the blessing of Lord Krishna. He will certainly bless you with a beautiful child. The worship of Lord Bal Krishna on ‘Krishna Janmamastami’ is the most auspicious day for the same. Last but not the least, Do follow medical treatment along with these spiritual remedial suggestions. Ayurveda and Homeopathy are more effective in curing chronic diseases