Aquarius (Kumbha) Rashi – Yearly Prediction 2016 (Moon Sign)

The native born with moon in Aquarius (Kumbha) sign in natal chart are falls under Capricorn Rashi. This prediction is applicable for only those natives. Aquarius is the mooltrikona sign of Saturn. Being an Airy sign and ruled by Saturn, this sign tries to bring new thoughts in this world in a unique way. The great social reformers, religious fanatics, great teacher born in this sign. Natives born in this sign are not very common. This year Ketu-Rahu axis is along 1-7 axis which is predominantly an axis of relationships. Hence Rahu and ketu are determined to forge new eccentric relationships. You are destined to get love/marriage partner which belong to other country or caste. Ketu is giving hint for ‘Introspection’ before taking any solid decisions. Rahu in 7th can push you to other countries or far-away places within the country. So cheers for natives who are looking for onsite opportunities. Those who are married must exercise patience in their relationships. The position of Guru is neutralising the negative effects of Rahu in 7th House. An excellent phase for entering the Married Life. The marriage may bring lot of material gain and fulfilment of other non-material desires. Jupiter is getting associated with 2nd, 7th and 11 th house, hence gain from foreign is very much on the cards. Businessman may get profit through government contracts this year. However, there are strong chances of meeting a manipulative business partner. Choose your contractors carefully. Till August, again a very good phase for bearing a child. You may become grandparents and grandmothers. With the progression of Jupiter in Virgo sign in 8th house, gain through legacies, wills and family wealth can be expected. The association of 8th and 12th is excellent for spiritual development for Old ages. The peace at Home may be disturbed due to sudden losses or events. Make a separate place for meditation that will certainly going to help in dealing with uncertainties. The Rashi Lord Saturn is in the 10th house in Scorpio sign. 10th house is the house of prestige and fame. This year your hard work is certainly going to bring excellent results. Remember Saturn do not appreciate dreaming, so sitting idle won’t help. Having 12th lord in 10th is making your miser this year. You are very sensitive in spending money. However, you may spend on charity and religious things. The aspect on 7th house is promising the gain of some or other house. You can participate in lotteries in DDA flats or similar ventures. It’s time to meet new people, travel new places and clear your previous birth dues. A positive year for Aquarius natives. It is a year of new and unique experiences. That experience is also possible through Meditation. In case of confusion, follow ‘Bhakti Marga’ and spend some time in eulogizing Lord Krishna.